Insurance Solutions

We have access to a vast range of cover and we’ll help you find a plan and do the negotiating for you so you can stay focused on the here and now.

Health and Wellbeing

  • Health Insurance

  • Trauma Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Life Insurance


  • Mortgage Repayment Insurance

  • Income Protection


  • Home & Contents Insurance

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance

  • Travel Insurance

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Why take the risk?

We’ve got your back

Let’s sum it up this way: we help you protect the things that matter. Maybe it’s your family, your investment property, or even your shiny new wheels for nipping up to the shops. Whatever it is you want to protect, we have a team of insurance advisers across New Zealand who can help you get the cover you need. And since we operate throughout the entire country, chances are there’s someone right around the corner from you.

It really is that simple. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find just what you need (including the best deal).

Find an advocate, not an adversary

We’ve all been there before—feeling like we’re being sold to, not listened to. That’s why we have independent insurance advisers who are here to understand your needs. Whether it’s that new investment property or your teenager’s first car, you can find an insurance deal that’s right for you.
  • Independent Advice

    Offer independent advice that prioritises your needs (not an insurer’s or a bank’s bottom line)
  • Simple

    Simplify the process so you can clearly see what policy is right for you
  • Market-Savvy

    Are market-savvy and ready to share that inside information with you
  • Point of View

    Look at things from your point of view, helping you decide how much insurance cover you really need
  • Knowledge and Network

    Share their know-how and connections so you can land a better and often tailor-made insurance deal.

Our process

We work with you to find the best solution for you.

  • Meet

    Meet with an Insurance Market adviser so we can understand your situation.
  • Identify

    We identify your financial goals and situation.
  • Analyse

    We analyse your situation and performs a risk analysis.
  • Recommend

    We provide recommendations based on your individual circumstances.
  • Cover

    We apply for your insurance to get you covered.
  • Review

    We review your situation on a regular basis to ensure your cover remains ideal.

What it boils down to

Quality and customer service, we’re adamant that both are uncompromised. Our insurance advisers are trained to be the best in New Zealand. And when you work with one of our advisers, they’ll chat with you like a real person. (Is there any other way?)

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