Whether you want to insure your house, your life or your business, we can arrange the right cover for you. We’ll provide you with the best-possible insurance policies that suit your needs and your budget, ensuring your assets, your loved ones and your life are all in good hands.

And when it's time to claim, we’ll be right there to help.

Personal Insurance

Your family is the most important thing to you. It makes sense to identify areas where you are at risk and to look at insurance to manage these risks.

We can help by showing you the things you need to protect.

What would happen if you couldn't work and your income stopped? How would the bills be paid? If you rely on your income to meet everyday expenses you should have income protection insurance so that you can still meet things like mortgage repayments if you become disabled through illness or injury.

And if you were to die, life insurance is important so that you can leave a debt free home for your family to live in and provide them with an ongoing income.

But what if you suffer a critical condition (like cancer or a heart attack) that you live through? A lump sum payment can take away the stress meaning you recover more quickly and are able to pay the bills whilst off work, and even go away on holiday. Living insurance and Total & Permanent Disablement insurance can help you here. 

Business Insurance

Whether you are an established or a new business, let us show you where you are at risk and how to manage this. We may even be able to save you money on your existing insurances.

Imagine if your business premises went up in flames. Business Assets insurance gives you the peace of mind that your assets are protected against such perils. And Business Interruption cover will mean you don't go broke while getting the business back on it's feet.

As a business owner you are liable if things go wrong. If someone has a go at you General Liability insurance can give you that protection.

What if you, a business partner or key person dies or becomes disabled?
This will have a severe impact upon your business.

Shareholder Protection insurance, Key Person Protection, and Debt Repayment insurance protect your business when something happens to those people responsible for generating revenue.

We can also cover your commercial vehicles. In addition we offer specialist cover in the form of Contract Works insurance, Machinery Breakdown and Marine Transit cover.

Life Insurance

Nobody likes to think about the risk of dying prematurely, but you have to think about the financial impact of this.

You've worked hard to accumulate the assets you have. If you are gone, your family still needs somewhere to live. You will probably want to leave a debt free home, so your home loan will need to be repaid.

The remaining partner may need to take time off to look after the children. Ongoing cash will be required to be able to do this. You will want to ensure there is money there for your children's education.

There will still be a need for the remaining partner to have some retirement savings but it could be difficult to save for this with all the other pressures.

And there are final expenses to consider like a funeral. Maybe you want to leave money so that family can return from overseas to attend.

Health Insurance

How confident are you that the public health system will take care of you when you need it?
Whilst the public system is great when you have an emergency, it is stretched when it comes to those non-urgent procedures.

Do you want to be at the mercy of the public hospital waiting lists?
Health insurance puts the control back into your hands. It enables you to decide where, when and by whom you are treated, meaning you can get better sooner and enjoy life again.

Health insurance comes in different forms, enabling you to choose cover that is within your budget. For instance you can choose to take an excess to reduce the cost.

Make sure you get health insurance while you are fit and healthy to reduce the risk of having pre existing conditions excluded.