Saving for your retirement has never been simpler. Here at Insurance Market Capital & Coast we strongly support KiwiSaver as an effective way to save for your retirement dreams.

Introducing kōura our dedicated KiwiSaver specialist

kōura are on a mission to ensure Kiwi’s get the retirement they expect and deserve! The scheme they offer has a great degree of sustainability, low fees and a great investment philosophy. Importantly they have a powerful digital advice tool to make sure you have a KiwiSaver fund that is perfect for you and helps to plan your KiwiSaver journey. 

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If you would like to know more about starting your journey with kōura we can help, please get in touch with us on 04 978 7440

Read on to see why KiwiSaver is important:

- 53% of Kiwi’s are in the wrong KiwiSaver type for their age, goals and level of risk that they’re comfortable with. The wrong fund can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars in the long run and can be the difference between an okay retirement and a great one.

- 75% of Kiwi’s expect KiwiSaver to make up the majority of their retirement income, yet the majority will have nowhere near enough to retire on as a result of sitting on the default contribution rate.

- A lot of people are paying unnecessarily high KiwiSaver fees – and the more you pay in fees, the less in your KiwiSaver account – again that could mean you’re out of pocket by thousands and thousands of dollars.