Saving for your retirement has never been simpler. We strongly support KiwiSaver as an effective way to save for your retirement dreams.

We'll help you choose the right fund and work out how much you need to put away, so, there is no need to be confused by all the information available regarding KiwiSaver.

We have a dedicated KiwiSaver website - - that is simple and fun to use. It helps you choose:

  • The amount you wish to contribute
  • The fund best suited to your needs
  • The best KiwiSaver provider for you

We can also offer advice for:

  • Employers - Employers often require guidance on what to do for the best for their staff. We can help with this process. A preferred provider arrangement may be the best option for your workplace

  • Self Employed - Self employed people often think they can't join KiwiSaver. This is incorrect and we can show you how KiwiSaver can be of benefit to the self employed.

  • Children - Children can also join KiwiSaver and we have been active in promoting this to schools and sports groups.

If you are looking for overall advice on your retirement savings and how KiwiSaver can fit into this, we can help you.