Will my insurance policy cover Covid-19?

With lockdowns and levels relaxing, borders beginning to open, and Omicron well and truly established here in New Zealand, it’s no wonder many people are starting to wonder about what happens if they get sick?

While we can take all of the possible precautions, it’s still hard to know how Covid will affect every individual, and the chances of catching the virus at some stage are getting higher and higher as time goes on. So where do you stand from an insurance policy view? Will insurers pay out claims relating to Covid? 

The simple answer is yes, insurers are paying out claims due to Covid-19. This relates both to the sickness itself and also any after effects from receiving the vaccine.

While Covid-19 isn’t a specified condition in most insurance policies, if you have an ongoing complication resulting from being infected with Covid-19, you could be eligible for a claim. This covers things like long-Covid which has seen some people develop other medical conditions as a result of having the virus. If you developed any issues as a result of the vaccine or the booster shots, you could also be eligible to claim.

Should you hold a life insurance policy and die from either complications from Covid or the vaccine, a life cover claim can be made and follows the same steps and payout as any other life claim.

Income protection insurance can also cover you if you need to take extended time off work. This is time over and above the regular isolation days, and you need to be medically certified as unfit to work due to Covid-19 and/or the after effects of the vaccine. 

If you aren’t sure which policy might suit you best, have a chat with our Central Otago insurance advisor, Allanah Greer. She is more than happy to advise on what might suit your needs and budget. Give her a call on 021 246 3354 today.