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What is my WHY?

Growing up in small town New Zealand I have seen and experienced first-hand, the fallout of bad financial decisions and lack of education.

Having worked in the Finance Industry for the past eight years, first as a banker and subsequently as a self-employed Level 5 Certified Financial Advisor, my goal is to help families understand their money better and secure their future.

I bought my own first home, four years ago with money that I had saved through KiwiSaver.

The global pandemic has brought home to me, just how financially vulnerable we all are.

I build long-standing relationships with my clients by listening and showing empathy – and by making recommendations that are best suited to their individual situation and needs.

I am Auckland based and work with New Zealand’s major Insurance Companies. 

If you haven’t reviewed your Insurance in the last 12 months, don’t know who your KiwiSaver fund manager is or don’t have any personal insurance but have had unanswered questions, do give me a call.

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  • Soula Morrison
    Shona has been amazing to work with. I found her to be extremely kind, caring, aware of our family's needs and circumstances. We've also found her level of professionalism to be exceptional and always going over and beyond for us. We trust her wholeheartedly and she has been so motivational about doing the most with what we can. Highly recommend her to ALL.
  • Caelan Vandermey
    Working with Shona is very easy and she always makes sure to get back to you if you ever ask her something.
  • Karen Mcgrath
    Shona was very considerate to our needs and actually made the whole process enjoyable due to her personality and her professional knowledge. She gave us all the information needed to make an educated decision. We valued her advice and felt that she was always on our side would highly recommend!
  • AJ Smith
    Shona is very helpful and goes the extra mile to help her clients!