Travel Insurance

We’ve definitely been there. You book the vacation of your dreams and then something goes wrong. Your baggage takes a holiday of its own. Or you come down with a case of the flu. Or you stub your toe in the middle of the night in your dark hotel room and, yes, it needs medical attention immediately!

The right coverage for you

Travel is already costly these days and travel insurance can seem like a luxury. But finding the right coverage can help you make the most of that getaway, whether it’s a family reunion, your honeymoon, a volunteering trip or anything in between.

Insurance for what you need

Chat with one of our insurance advisers to see what you really need in terms of travel insurance policies. We know there’s a wide range of policies, some that are more generous than others. Do you need rental car insurance, for instance, or will you be on public transit during your vacation?

We'll take care of you

We’ll help you navigate the options and factor in any unique circumstances you may need to consider. You just get back to daydreaming about that holiday of a lifetime.

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